Joseph has membership in 3 angel networks, Central Texas Angel Network, Tech Coast Angels, and Chemical Angel Network. He is currently serving on the board of CTAN. His investment portfolio comprises 35+ companies across Life Sciences, B2B Software, Hardware, and CPG industries. He has 7 exits with CTAN.

Joseph Liu worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He holds a BS degree in Engineering for Sustainable Environment from National Taiwan University and an MBA degree from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s School of Law, and a biotechnology certificate from Harvard University. He is a candidate for the Master of Industrial Organizational Psychology from Harvard University.      



Ramón Blanco holds a degree in CCEE and Law from ICADE (E3). He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Fulbright scholarship. He started his career working in marketing at Unilever, continued in Investment Banking at Banco de Santander and in 1999 founded selftrade.es, an online broker whose parent company went public in France. In 2002 Selftrade was sold to Boursorama Banque (part of the SG group with a market capitalisation of €1 billion). At Boursorama Banque he was Deputy CEO (France), President of Onvista Bank (Germany), Vice President of Selftrade Bank UK. In 2012 he founded etece.com. Ramón has also been an investor in numerous start-ups (idealista.com, 11870.com, sindelantal.com), 15 times international rugby player for Spain and is Professor of the Master in Financial Markets at Garrigues.

Eduardo Diez-Hochleitner


Eduardo is the Chairman and co-founder of Samaipata, a pan-European Venture Capital fund that invests in digital businesses with early stage network effects. He is also the Chairman of Grupo Másmóvil and co-founder of the impact fund Gawa Capital. Previously, he held various positions at BNP Bank, PRISA Group, was a partner at APAX Partners; and business angel and chairman of Bodaclick and Canalmail, advisor at Infojobs, member of the advisory board at LaNeveraRoja, among other startups.



Carlos Alzate es el CTO & Colombia GM en AI Fund de Andrew Ng. Como CTO, Carlos ayuda a las empresas a desarrollar su tecnología en Machine Learning. En su papel como Director General del hub de Inteligencia Artificial del fondo en Colombia, supervisa el equipo técnico del fondo en Latinoamérica y ayuda a las empresas de su cartera a contratar sus equipos de Inteligencia Artificial. Antes de AI Fund, Carlos fue investigador científico y gerente en el IBM Research Lab en Dublín, Irlanda.

 Dirigió el grupo de Inteligencia Artificial para el grupo de Salud y Atención Social y trabajó en estrecha colaboración con la división Watson Health de IBM. Sus intereses científicos se centran en la producción de tecnología de Machine Learning en diversos ámbitos, como la argumentación computacional y el procesamiento del lenguaje natural. Durante 5 años, fue el responsable técnico de la contribución del laboratorio de Dublín al Project Debater de IBM. Antes de incorporarse a IBM Research, Carlos fue becario postdoctoral de la Fundación de Investigación de Flandes (FWO) en la Universidad Católica de Lovaina en Bélgica. 

Obtuvo un doctorado en Ingeniería y un máster en Inteligencia Artificial en la Universidad Católica de Lovaina en 2009 y 2004 respectivamente. También es graduado en Ingeniería Electrónica por la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

iván soto


Responsable de Open Innovation y Venturing en Soltec. Iván Soto es responsable de Aurora, la aceleradora corporativa de Soltec. Este instrumento de corporate venturing despliega su actividad hacia fuera, actuando como facilitador técnico y comercial de las startups sinérgicas con el negocio de Soltec, y hacia dentro mediante el programa de intraemprendimiento IDEA.


Como especialista en el desarrollo de ecosistemas para la innovación abierta y el emprendimiento, ha ocupado distintos puestos vinculados a esta área a lo largo de los últimos 15 años en el sector educativo (Deusto Business School y el Parque Científico de la Universidad de Salamanca) y en las administraciones públicas (Madrid Emprende, COFIDES y Promomadrid). De manera paralela, ha formado parte de proyectos de investigación como el Global Entrepreneurship Monitor y Emprendimiento Corporativo en España – Gacelas y Elefantes.

Andrea Martos


Andrea Martos Esteban, Founder and Editor of Cambridge Biocapital. Co-founder and CEO of Codon65. Andrea is a scientist and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in different companies and leading international academic institutions.

She holds a PhDc in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge for which she was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. In addition, Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Drug Engineering and Design from the Technical University of Denmark and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Andrea is co-founder and CEO of Codon65® Ltd., a design and engineering studio for the creation of brand identity for science-based startups. She has also founded and manages Cambridge Biocapital, a UK-based company specialized in biotech startups that operates as a partner and advisor in different investment funds and venture builders specialized in biotech as well as a content platform specialized in the sector.

Andrea has received several awards throughout his career as Young Talent for the joint initiative of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Celera Foundation, the publication and first prize of the UAM-CSIC Excelentia Campus for his essay “Volver a hacer fiestas” which is an informative analysis of the impact and relevance for society of gene editing technology CRISPR CAS.



Tania Menéndez, Digital Transformation Officer at Ribera Salud, a healthcare group that works for the health and well-being of the population, providing value to current and future society.

The company focuses on a responsible health model that contributes to the sustainability of the healthcare system. They have had an Open Innovation program for 4 years with Lanzadera, where they have incubated 9 startups and generated more than 20 projects.



Pilar Gil, Co-CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at MASID, a new science and innovation development center in Madrid. It is a place where science and innovation companies and institutions are welcome to operate and do business in a flexible environment tailored to their needs and people.

Given her position at MaSID, Pilar has a deep understanding of how to manage and foster an innovation ecosystem. She can offer insights into the challenges, opportunities and best practices in this area.



osé Mesa, Partner at Columbus Venture Partners, has more than 15 years of experience in biotechnology investments.

 He has led multiple venture capital rounds and has been part of the boards of Directos of some of the most promising companies in the country in the biotechnology sector, such as Sanifit, Minoryx, Aelix in the therapeutic field, Stat-Dx, DeepUll in the diagnostic field and the medical technology company, Medlumics.

 Until 2019, he led the Life Sciences area of Caixa Capital Risc, the venture capital firm of CriteriaCaixa, managing more than €100 million to invest in biotech companies. Subsequently, he was a partner at Alta Life Sciences, a venture capital investment firm in biotechnology and medical technologies based in Barcelona.



Carolina Pola, Expert in Technology Transfer, Tech Scouting & Innovation – Investment in Biotechnology. Carolina Pola is an expert in technology transfer, technology search and innovation with a focus on biotechnology investments. With a solid 12-year track record in the biomedical field, Carolina has demonstrated exceptional skills in building relationships and communicating with diverse stakeholders, including opinion leaders, foundations, science policy makers and corporations around the world.

Her expertise is focused on identifying translational science in the biomedical field and developing scientific and business strategies. In addition, she has deep expertise in launching new projects and creating strategic roadmaps to bring scientific discoveries closer to market.

Carolina Pola stands out for her passion for innovation and her commitment to supporting research and innovation strategy and management. She also brings valuable expertise in scientific research, business development and scientific relations to innovative projects.



Carlos Caballero, Director of UCAM HiTech, will lead the discussion, focusing on the keys to generating a science-based innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, with a special emphasis on technology transfer.

Experts will discuss how Spain can match its recognized weight in research with a similar impact on scientific entrepreneurship. Successful models, challenges and opportunities will be explored, and the crucial role of various actors in this ecosystem will be debated. It is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and better understand the landscape of science-based innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain and beyond.



Bruno has developed his career for 25 years in the general management of companies in various sectors (Education, Industrial, Real Estate, Retail…).

He has been investing in Startups since 2012, having taken stakes in about 15 startups in that period.

He currently advises startups in investment rounds from Innoventures company, and manages a Startup Investment Club with about 50 members.

Alejandra Winter


Alejandra ha forjado una destacada carrera en el apoyo a emprendedores y el desarrollo de comunidades de innovación en América Latina y Estados Unidos, con más de una década de experiencia en estos ecosistemas.

Como creadora del Programa Internacional de Soft Landing de CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) empresa lider en creación de ecosistems de innovación, ha guiado a más de 200 startups, inversores y agencias gubernamentales en su entrada al mercado estadounidense.

Alejandra es también Directora de Rebelius, una startup especializada en análisis de personas. Además, es miembro del Consejo Asesor de Option Venture Studio y de Fundación Tremendas, que promueve el talento femenino.



From the Promotion and Communication Area of Enisa, Nacho Liñán participates in activities aimed at promoting the communication of its lines of financing in viable and innovative business projects.


Business Development Partner en EIT Innoenergy

Ignacio Huici leads the commercial strategy of EIT InnoEnergy in Spain since April 2017. EIT InnoEnergy is a European platform that invests in the development and acceleration of talent, projects and innovative startups (380+) in the world of sustainable energy. His main mission at EIT InnoEnergy is to help introduce and accelerate sustainable energy innovation in Spanish value chains and Spanish companies to industrialise and boost the economy and generate employment in the country.

Business Angel from Robinsun, Ignacio is a graduate in Ignacio holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Oviedo, a degree in Economics from the University of Navarra and an MBA from ESADE Business School. Ignacio has more than 22 years of professional experience in which he has been involved in the development of new products and services and their launch and marketing in the Consumer and Energy sectors. He has been an entrepreneur, manager in companies such as Black & Decker, Veolia, RainBird and is a business angel in some startups such as Wuolah or Singular Brain.

Ernesto Barroso

Business Venturing Manager de Exolum)

Ernesto Barroso is responsible for Business Venturing at Exolum. This area helps to drive Exolum’s innovation strategy, looking for startups linked to fields such as renewable gases, circular economy, energy storage, carbon emission reduction, etc. All this through investment and collaboration agreements to carry out and scale pilot projects.

Ernesto is an industrial engineer by training. Before joining Exolum Ernesto was part of the innovation and corporate venturing team of the EDP Spain group and a specialist in financing R&D programmes at the consulting firms KPMG, EY and Zabala.



Con una sólida formación en Economía, Petya Yaneva ha destacado en el sector bancario y financiero con experiencia en gestión eficiente de empresas y equipos. Actualmente, como Co-Fundadora y Directora Financiera de Nivimu, lidera la planificación financiera y operativa de la empresa, especializándose en la evaluación financiera y comercial. 

Además, es Fundadora de Resiby, un proyecto social y tecnológico-sostenible en Baleares. Con roles anteriores en instituciones bancarias como Banco Santander y Banco Popular, ha acumulado más de una década de experiencia diversificada, demostrando un compromiso continuo con el desarrollo empresarial y la innovación tecnológica.

nancy muya


Nancy Muya, MBA Leverage Experts, Senior Research and Analyst – Dubai , UAE.

Heading Leverage Experts Research and Analysis team, responsible for customer research projects as well in-house data  analysis  providing  market  research,  analysis  of  regional  macroeconomics  and  statistical  data analysis. Spearheading customer acquisition in UAE supporting strategic acquisitions, led by Leverage Experts´ partners and principals.

Her research interest is focused on the interlink between disruptive technologies and the transformation of business models in various industries. This includes the digitization of the healthcare sector, the evolving crypto eco-system, and the application of AI technologies. She contributes to the client’s success by identifying specific trends and opportunities for private equity investors, delivering diligent analysis on competitors and marketplaces, key stakeholders in evolving markets, and global investment trends in various industries.


Nancy builds on a comprehensive and diverse hands-on experience for change and transformation from managerial roles in the East African. Healthcare systems. In addition, she has an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington D.C., and a qualification on AI in the Healthcare System from Stanford University.

Jose Maria Blasco


José María Blasco Ruiz is State Chartered Economist and Trade Expert (civil servant) with a double degree in Economics (Public Economy) and Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Zaragoza.

José María is Director of the Infrastructure, Health and Digital Entrepreneurship Division of ICEX and he previously was Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassies in Israel and Singapore, Director at ICEX-Invest in Spain and Deputy Assistant General Director at Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Juan Luis Romera


Juan Luis Romera Santiago is currently a technical advisor/manager in the Department of Institutional Promotion and Territorial Cooperation at CDTI. Doctor in Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Granada, he has more than 25 years of work experience, of which the last 17 years at CDTI in different positions (Advisor and Evaluator of I+D+i projects). He has also worked in the Hospital field (as a Resident Clinical Analysis Physician), in the Pharmaceutical Industry (specifically as a researcher in the Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development division of Janssen Cilag) and as a researcher at the University of Granada. Due to his current activity, he is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops on I+D+i financing, organized by different institutions (Platforms, Public Research Organizations, Technology Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations,…)



Gabriel Hernandez is CEO at ThinkCo, a consulting company that has been helping entrepreneurs obtain the desired financing and develop their projects for more than 14 years with the aim of being profitable, sustainable and scalable.

During this time he has also developed his experience in strategic and financial consulting for many SMEs from different sectors, participating in their growth, professionalization and sales processes.

Pedro Martínez


Pedro is a strategic advisor and has more than twenty years of experience in company management and business development within the digital ecosystem. He has led several technology and ecommerce projects. His last and most lasting experience was at the head of the world’s leading padel distribution company, Padel Nuestro, where he was General Director for 5 years, participating in two M&A processes, being a member of the Management Committee during the last phase, after the purchase of the company by the private equity fund, Apheon.

As a specialist in digital business development, he has led different companies in the last 10 years linked to sports (running) and fashion (glasses).

Pedro stands out for his passion for digital businesses, the ability to connect technology with business and his high commitment to the projects he leads.

Javier Artiach


Since 2018 he is Co-Founder and Partner of Conexo Venture, Member of the Investment Committee and Board of Directors of the Management Company.

In 2023 we founded Xvalue Labs where we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs position their company to get the attention of investors. The proposal involves complementing and generating the strategy, translating it into a BP, knowing how to defend their business model and its valuation, as well as knowing how to present it and approach investors and venture capitalists, in short, helping them with fundraising.

With more than 35 years of experience as CEO: (Canadean LTD, Bayes Group), and member of the Board of Directors and Advisor of (Industrias Alimentarias De Navarra, Bayes Group and currently Grupo Papelera Zicuñaga – Iberpapel S.A.), Grupo Embotellador Europeo (DER & ECB) and GED CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, SA SGECR).

Juan José González

Armilar VP

Gabriel Hernandez es CEO en ThinkCo, consultoría que lleva más de 14 años ayudando a emprendedores a conseguir la financiación deseada y a desarrollar sus proyectos con el objetivo de ser rentables, sostenibles y escalables.

Durante este tiempo también ha desarrollado su experiencia en la consultoría estratégica y financiera de muchas pymes de distintos sectores participando en sus procesos de crecimiento, profesionalización y venta.

Darío garcía


Pedro is a strategic advisor and has more than twenty years of experience in company management and business development within the digital ecosystem. He has led several technology and ecommerce projects. His last and most lasting experience was at the head of the world’s leading padel distribution company, Padel Nuestro, where he was General Director for 5 years, participating in two M&A processes, being a member of the Management Committee during the last phase, after the purchase of the company by the private equity fund, Apheon.

As a specialist in digital business development, he has led different companies in the last 10 years linked to sports (running) and fashion (glasses).

Pedro stands out for his passion for digital businesses, the ability to connect technology with business and his high commitment to the projects he leads.



Graduate in Law and Business Administration.

CEO and founder of Andseed, a financial consultancy specialized in startups with a portfolio of more than 200 clients.

Advisor at PcComponentes Startup Booster and PcComponentes Venture Builder.



Javier Fernández Gallardo is a VC, CEO mentor and startup co-founder specialized in strategy and finance at Innoventures Capital and UCAM HiTech. He co-leads the management of the investment club Innoventures Capital, Lemon Ventures and the UCAM Fénix Investment Club.

ICADE E-4 and B.A. Hons from Middlesex University (London), bilingual MBA professor at UCAM. He is the author of the management books for entrepreneurs, Be Finance My Friend and 69 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business.

Almudena Abellán

aje región de murcia

Almudena Abellán Pérez, law graduate from the University of Murcia, specialist in industrial and intellectual property with more than 14 years of experience. Since 2018, businesswoman, entrepreneur by vocation with the IPITEC Strategy and Innovation S.L.U project.

President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia AJE since April 2023.

Recognition in 2020 as a successful entrepreneur by the Ministry of Business, Industry and Spokesperson



With a solid background in Economics, Petya Yaneva has stood out in the banking and financial sector with experience in efficient management of companies and teams. Currently, as Co-Founder and CFO of Nivimu, she leads the company’s financial and operational planning, specializing in financial and commercial evaluation. In addition, she is the Founder of Resiby, a social and technological-sustainable project in the Balearic Islands. With previous roles in banking institutions such as Banco Santander and Banco Popular, he has accumulated more than a decade of experience, showing a continuous commitment to business development and technological innovation.



Alejandro is an Industrial Engineer. After some years in the Grid Studies department at Red Eléctrica de España, he moved to the financial sector, specifically in Market Risk Management, first at Deloitte and then at Gas Natural (now Naturgy). From there, he continued to implement risk measurement until he reached the company’s capitalisation risk. This allowed him to understand the main strategic risk faced by a company: obsolescence.

Understanding Innovation as the main way to manage this risk, he joined a Business Angels Network in order to learn first-hand about the startup innovation ecosystem. He has helped several startups as a mentor, and has recently incorporated this experience into the entrepreneurial ecosystem, launching a startup incubator at Naturgy. His next goal is to launch a CVC, consolidating the integration between the corporation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Jesús Alonso gallo

Cupido Capital

gorka ugalde

EASO Ventures




91 Ventures


SHIP2BE Ventures






Daper B1





Josep Magdalena

Nara Capital

Andrés Ubierna



Surround Ventures



carmen carpintero

Cubicarte Ventures


First Drop


Vincle Capital

santiago reyna

Keith Ventures

MAthieu carenzo

Venture Hub

ignacio garicano

Impact Angels


Spain Cap

Enrique Zueco

Zytech 123

Alberto díaz




Javier Sánchez


Josep-Miquel Torregrosa

Enion Partners

Anna Fedulow

Croton Capital

DaviD García


Yago Fernández

Encomenda Smart Capital

Pablo álvarez

Zendal Group & Biotech Smart Capital

Tomás Pérez

Noso Capital & Biotech Smart Capital

Juan Carlos Sanchís

Keiretsu Forum Murcia y Valencia

Víctor Cervero


Jaime García Murillo


Andrea Cabanillas

Adara VC




Starla Capital


Nara Capital

Antonio Romero

Sherry Ventures

Sonia Arenas

Club de Inversores Innoventures


Nara Capital

Antonio Romero

Sherry Ventures